Friday, June 25, 2010

Today in Beauty at POC: The challenge of Real Beauty

When this seemingly bold and pioneer ad came out in the 2004, which side were you on? Were you one of those who were floored by the tenacity of "real women" on billboards or were you one of the skeptics?

As for me, I felt relieved and refreshed that beauty product giants (pun not intended) were finally accepting the fact that women do have curves. These women should be celebrated and looked up to as much as the "model types". I wasn't full-figured when these ads first came out, but I am now. It is just at this stage of body size that I am fully appreciating Dove's sincerity to include women in their perception of beauty, which, to be quite honest, has always felt inclusive to size 2 and below women. Women with tummies and thunder thighs had no business showing off their skin, so it seems.

However, reading more into the history and the effect of Dove's Real Beauty campaign, I saw how much criticism this ad has received and is still going through. This is turn lead me to ask these questions:

Are we really ready to see plump and full-figured women in our beauty magazines?
How more or less believable is a beauty product if "real women" promote it?
Will it make it more relatable to full-size women or alienate them?


Lynx said...

^_^ this a great article Mara.I personally love womanly curves and I think beauty ads should keep it real. I hope beauty giants they get to read your article ^_-

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks Lyn!

ThePlumPinay said...


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