Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review: Marrionnaud Retractable Brush

I never really paid attention to the make-up brushes displayed near the Marrionnaud counters whenever I'm there. I am particularly fond of brushes made from natural hair, so it's that kind or bust for me. It just so happend that I chanced upon an SM make-up counter sale that I couldn't resist walking away from without buying anything. There were a lot of brands up for grabs at discounted prices, but I convinced myself I don't need to buy anything, until I saw the Marrionnaud retractable foundation brush.

Marrionnaud retractable powder brush

I thought these Marrionnaud brushes were a one-time sale during that time, but it seems that Marrionnaud has set up shop at most Watson stores to sell their own line of low-end synthetic brushes. It created a lot of buzz among beauty bloggers: some loving it for its budget-friendly prices, while some hating it for its low-end quality.

I, on the other hand, have some things to say about it.

  • Although it's not high-end or all-natural, it is soft but not comparable to the more expensive brands.
  • It's cheap at P189.00 each.
  • It picks up loose powders and make-up all right, but not as great as say a kabuki brush or a natural brush would.
  • It did not bleed nor shed after the first wash and after several washes thereafter.
  • The retracting mechanism is standard-issue; no fuss, no frills. It does what it ought to do, and no brush strand gets tangled when you slide the brush in and out of its tube.
  •  It fits my make-up brush travel kit (which was the zip bag that came with the retractable brush when I bought it, LOL), and it's quite handy.
Sure, it's not one of the best brushes out there, but for PHP189.00, people should lower their expectations when it comes to this brush, or any brush, from Marrionnaud. As for me, it does what I expected it to do, and that's good enough for me.


Kira said...

Hey Mara! I did see some makeup tools over at Watsons but paid no attention to them, so I can't comment on the quality just yet.

I envy your stash of brushes, I only have a retractable kabuki brush from Ellana and a blush brush :p

Mara Ruiz said...

Hi Kira! I think *some* of the brushes are okay, but not all. Well, you can't expect much for that price. I think quality really comes with price for some brushes.

You should invest in a set, too, if you use make-up everyday. It's really worth it :)

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