Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Make-Up Basics: Suesh 5-Piece Travel Set

Remember when I showed you my go-to brush set, the Suesh The Blush 15-Piece Set? This time I want to show you its little sister: The Suesh 5-Piece Set.

I must admit, getting this set was a miscalculation on my part, but that's just because I wasn't able to fully explore my 15-piece set beforehand. I didn't think it through, but I could've just bought a sensible 12-piece set that I can travel with and use everyday. Even so, this little package came quite handy in the long run. It can be embarrassing to whip out and roll out an entire set of semi-pro make-up brush when in a public restroom.

Also, you can really feel the difference between the synthetic brushes with the all-natural brush set. This one was all-natural, so the hairs feel heaven on my skin!

Anyway, here are the individual brushes

Powder brush

Blush brush

Eyeshadow brush

Lip/concealer brush

Eyebrow brush

How about you, girls? Do you have a separate brush set at home and when you're traveling?


Lady E said...

Hi Mara! I'm new here. Yes, I have a separate brush set at home! I use smaller brushes when I travel because they're lighter and easier to pack. And I agree with what you said that it's quite embarrassing when you roll out a complete set of brushes in a public restroom. = )

I'm back reading all your posts. They're interesting and I'm learning (and enjoying) a lot! Hope you can visit my blog soon, too!

Mara Ruiz said...

Hi Lady E! Thanks for reading my post =) Sure, I'll drop by your blog and read your entries, too.

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