Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ebay purchases: Milly and Trina Turk Clinique make-up bags

Ebay has been a mecca for cheap thrills and cheap items for the enthusiastic shopper. However, my Ebay account was suspended 2 years ago, and I didn't bother to reinstate it anymore. That is up until I saw the  shopping opportunity lost if I keep my account idle. So a few weeks ago, I finally took action and had my Ebay account reinstated.

If there's one thing you should never ever introduce to an impulsive shopper (aside from a credit card, that is), it's probably Ebay. After I logged in with my account finally able to bid and purchase items up for sale, I was hooked.

The first things I searched for were make-up bags. It was done on a whim and partly out of curiosity if cheap make-up bags (including shipping) are available on Ebay. My travel kit from Beabi, with it being made from plastic, has suffered the wear and tear it took from being inside my bag. I tried shopping at SM once and I feel like being put on a stick up as I was browsing their make-up bag selection. There's no way I am paying 250 bucks for a cheap, no-brand plastic bag.

If SM has it all, Ebay definitely has it all cheaper. A girl really does not need three make-up bags, but I couldn't help myself. Everything was so cheap! Would you believe that all three bags (including shipping) only cost me 410 pesos)

I know most of them were gifts with purchase (GWP) or sample products that came with the full size ones when these Ebay sellers hoarded them in the U.S., but who's complaining? For a mere PHP100 to 120 each, what is there not to love?

Here's my new make-up bag beside my old one.
Love the detail.

I did not expect the next two items to be so large, it would be almost useless to carry it around as daily make-up bags. I must admit, I just snagged these last two items because they were "designer" items. But no worries, I will find good use for them!

Like this Trina Turk for Clinique make-up bag

I eventually used it to store the make-up I have in my vanity. This looks better than having all of these sitting on top of my counter.
My last purchase, a "foldover clutch style" Milly (by Michelle Smith) for Clique bag, was more of a purse than a make-up bag. I think this will be best paired with a color block outfit since the print on the bag is already playful and busy.

Suffice to say, these won't be my last purchases on Ebay.


Kira said...

Tell me about it! I'm actually an ebay noob since I mostly shop on Multiply. But recently I succumbed and purchased some stuff on Ebay cos they were so darn cheap. There goes my paycheck :p

Zhorida said...

ah ebay find pala yun

Mara Ruiz said...

@Kira, I agree! I have to practice a lot of self-control when I'm in that site.

@Zhorai, I told you kaya.

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