Monday, May 31, 2010

Make-Up Basics: Suesh The Blush 15-Piece Set

One of the most important things that I learned from being engaged in make-up for a good 5 or so months now is the importance of having great tools. Your vanity case may be laden with the best make-up brands, but if you don't have the right make-up brushes at hand, you might as well apply your make-up with your fingers!

Although there are a lot of good brands out there, I did my research and decided to get Suesh's The Blush 15-piece set. It's part of my make-up wish list some time before, and I don't know how I managed to survive without it.

What I like best about my Suesh brushes is that they're really, really soft. Even if The Blush is not purely made of natural hair*, you can really feel the difference between Suesh brushes and most synthetic brushes. Suesh brushes do not scratch your skin or shed after several washes.

But before you run off and get yourself a full set of make-up brushes (just like I did without much consideration), you must evaluate your needs first. As these brushes are a bit pricey, you have to know what you'll be using your set for.

For me, I wanted something I can use everyday and something I can eventually use as my skill develops. If I get a simple 5-piece set with only one eyeshadow brush, I may not get the looks that require contouring and shading. While if I get the the more extensive 28-piece set, I may not use all the brushes if I don't even know what to do with them.

The Blush is aptly called a Personal-Professional set because it's an in-between set for those who would want to do professional-looking make-up on their selves and, eventually, to others.

I don't use all of the brushes myself. There are around eight to ten pieces that I use on a daily basis. But on occasions that require me to don full make-up, I do not worry about not having the proper brushes anymore.

Here are some of the brushes I use on a daily basis.

Powder brush, which I use for dusting shimmer powder on my cheeks.

Round blush brush, which I use as a foundation/finishing powder brush because its bristles are more dense and compact than the powder brush.

Angled blush brush. Self-explanatory.

Large eyeshadow brush, which I use for highlighting the area below the eyebrows.

Medium eyeshadow brush, which I use for applying shadow on the lids.

Small eyeshadow brush, which I use as a concealer brush (because really, how many eyeshadow brushes do you need and can possibly use?)

 Extra small eyeshadow brush, which is best for highlighting the outer V of the eyelids.

Bullet brush, which I use for highlighting the eye socket (there must be a better, less gruesome term for this, but you know what I mean. Haha) and the lid's outer V.

 Highlighter blush, which works best for highlighting the brow bone and for smudging. It is an angled flat-top brush that has several other uses that I have yet to find out. Lol.

There you go, my make-up brush basics. How about you? Which brushes do you use often? I still have a few more, and I might share them with you next time.

*The brushes are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic hair, making it more affordable than other sets.


Anonymous said...

how much are the 16 piece set and the 5 piece set? i would like to try to have a brush set like those.. but i'm afraid that i may not make use much of it.

Mara Ruiz said...

Hi Anon, I think I got my 16-pc set for around 1200, while the 5-pc set is 900. You can check Suesh's site just to be sure. I provided a link naman. As I've said, the 16-pc set is ok if you're a beginner who wants to know more about make-up. I never thought I'd use all my brushes at first, but now I use almost all of them :)

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