Monday, May 10, 2010

How Google and the Internet saved my life

Also worth noting: Justin Bieber, Tina Fey, and SNL.

A few days back, after I finished writing an article for The POC Beauty and Fashion Channel, I absent-mindedly saved my document only to notice that my word processor was not responding. No worries, right? It happens. So I surfed the web for a while and went back to my article to check if it saved successfully. Like taking a sucker punch to the crotch, when I opened my Word document, there was nothing but bleak, gaping blankness in it! I checked the folder where I saved said document, but it gave me nothing but an indication that my file has, well, nothing. 0 byte of nothingness if you want to be redundant. Everything I have written for the last 2 hours vanished.

Zilch! None! Nada! Kaput!

As I was already having a bad week (my father got bitten by our dog, DMCI being a capitalist ass, and people around me generally not doing their jobs right), this technological glitch is just the last nail on my coffin, my coffin being my sanity.

The succeeding 30 minutes after this unfortunate event happened were spent on either crying, praying to God to please help me retrieve my file, and watching the Tina Fey and Justin Bieber SNL episode. None of which helped.

After a few more minutes or so of self-pity, a moment of clarity came to me. I finally had the sense knocked into me to Google the keywords "how to retrieve a corrupted file."

The answer was Recuva. Recuva is a file recovery freeware that

"...scans the MFT for files marked as deleted. Since MFT entries for deleted files are still complete (including when the file was deleted, how big it is, and where it lives on the hard drive), Recuva can give you a comprehensive list of many files and help you to recover them." (source)
So I ran the program, allowed it to scan my external hard drive, and recovered the latest files that were modified. As a bonus, Recuva lets you scan by file type, i.e, photos, documents, music, etc., saving me more time on agonizing my lost time (time that I will never get back) and more minutes to watch Justin Bieber and Tina Fey fog my computer screen with their steamy scene (not really).

I wasn't sure which temporary word file was the one I was working on, so I saved the two latest recoverable files.

As you can see, Recuva works! And as much as I don't want to sound like I get paid doing this, I think that's too late now, isn't it? But really, I get paid nada with this. I just want to share this amazing recovery tool that saved my life.

Lesson learned: Google it before anything else.


Anonymous said...

My boss is one of the heads of DMCI. :(

Let me try to get an explanation if I see her one of these days.

N said...

Recuva is the best! I have used it, and it's fantastic. Saved me in several stressful situations.

I'm not getting my receipts from DMCI, even if the check clears every month. Go figure. Magreklamo na rin kaya ako.

Mara Ruiz said...

@thisistheplan, I'd really appreciate that. The turnover group needs has a lot of explaining to do! I'm looking to move out at June now. Kainis! I was supposed to have my condo at April at least!

@N, hay naku, do they issue receipts in the first place? I have to ask about that, too!

Zhorida said...

i get my receipts naman. pero iba iba amount medyo naguguluhan ako.

*kinikilig sa recuva*

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