Sunday, April 11, 2010

All about my red lipstick

A few weeks back, I had to write all about red lips for POC's Beauty and Fashion Channel. I planned to turn it into a piece about my personal experience in looking for the right shade of red lipstick, but the article ended up in a different direction. I already have a few notes and already took some pictures for it, so why put all of that to waste? I figured I'll just extend the tutorial and share with you the things I learned about finding the right lipstick shade for me.

Take this as an accompanying blog entry to show you what you can and cannot take from my article. See what will work for you as I shared what did for me.

There's really no strict guide in knowing your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone comes hand in hand with knowing the right shade of any make-up for you. Forget about all the conflicting tutorials about olive, peach, tan, dark, light, and whatever skin tones. More often than not, your skin tone is a composite of several tones that cannot be defined into one type.

My skin, for example, is right smack in between fair and beige-toned. I am neither chinita nor mestiza, but I am not exactly morena either. The closest color I can think of in describing my skin is caramel, a word away from being a Starbucks drink.

Since I am neither any of the cookie-cutter skin tones mentioned in beauty magazines, for a burgeoning make-up enthusiast like me, I opted to play it safe. I chose a true red or a lipstick that has no noticeable undertone. It's fool-proof and it saves me the trip to make-up counters.

My red lipstick of choice: Lancome's L' Absolu Rouge in Rouge Rayonnant that came with my Lancome palette.
First: with flash. Second: without flash.

Let me pause for a while and gush about Lancome. Although Lancome's generally marketed for women with older skin types, I can't help but be drawn to how their colors are always clean and sophisticated. I like how I always end up looking polished even if my make-up is haphazardly put on when I use Lancome.

A few pounds thinner and doned in Lancome blush and eye shadow. Back when putting on make-up was synonymous to face painting for me.

I only get my Lancome products as gifts from relatives abroad and thank goodness for that! I checked how much a tube of L'Absolu Rouge costs in the Philippines and it's a whopping P1,300! No worries; for a color pay-off this great, I am willing to save up for that.

Yes, on red lips. Admittedly, when it comes to lipstick, I'd rather choose expensive brands than cheap ones. As Liz already highlighted in another article for The POC,  there are pros and cons to branded make-up; one disadvantage is branded make-up can be too expensive for some. But in the long run, color pay-off, texture and comfort, and longevity of wear will outweigh the cost.

When I was just starting to dabble with make-up, I bought this popular lipstick palette that most Filipina beauty bloggers are gushing about. Sad to say, 4 months in my possession and I barely used it. That's what I got for being too lazy to swatch lipsticks. I thought that if I get this palette, I can be over and done with lipsticks and just use this palette forever. WRONG. Since it's a palette as huge as a notebook,* it's too bothersome to swipe out in public comfort rooms. Also, even if the colors look pretty on the palette, they look horrible on me. There is also the issue on moisturizing capacity, how long it will stay put, and product quality that, unfortunately, most cheap lipsticks do not have. So lesson learned: lipstick is not one product I can buy cheap.

Lastly, this does not need to be mentioned again but a clean face highlighted with neutral make-up will really look best with red lipstick. Experts are not just making it up. It's a fact.

How about you? What red lipstick do you use?

*They do have a smaller palette but they ran out of stocks when I bought one.


DK said...

Dear Mara,

I like your make-up articles because it feels very down-to-earth. It is informative without being too focused on the details which make people like me (who are completely clueless about make-up) confused.

I like that it is from a point of view of someone who had been around make-up for a while now but is just being re-introduced to it in a way.

I like it that it is without any form of snootiness or much too proud bragging privilege.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to more articles from you on the POC and here :)

-your fan,
DK :)

Andalusia said...

I really can't wear lipstick but yes, I love Lancome for their mascara, OMG.

KIRA ♥ said...

Sigh. I don't wear rel lippies because I'm not used to it. I mostly choose tinted lip balms (obviously) or pinkish hues. You can say that I am not as makeup savvy as Liz or Lauren -_-

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