Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This afternoon

While waiting for my father to be done with his Ace Hardware shopping, my mother, I, and two of my nieces sat on some benches outside the said store. My mother and I were talking about something while I suddenly saw my two nieces (ages 5 and 8 years) posing for someone as if their pictures were being taken. Indeed it were and it was by an old man who, as my mother pointed out earlier, my two nieces started chatting up.

He was a nice, old, grandfather-type man with a very cool DSLR. I wish I had the chance to talk with him, too, because he was being  really genial to my nieces. The girls said he even showed them their pictures that he took of them. When it was time for us to go, my nieces said goodbye and he promptly smiled back. I smiled at him, too, just to be polite, and he smiled back with an august look on his face as if to bid us to be safe.

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DK said...

such a nice man, of course not all nice men are really nice. some of them get creepy.

a photo of your nieces talking to an old man seemed really endearing, i think. too bad, though.

ang cute cute naman ng image na iyon.

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