Monday, March 29, 2010

That concert last Saturday

In which two geriatric 25-year-olds stood up for three hours.

In which Jojo only sang two songs. Really.

In which Timbaland made use of the Hipster Triangle and Twilight. Really. Which I told my friend Z that "it's funny. Really. On the internet, it's funny."

In which as much as I am a self-proclaimed POP music sell out, I didn't even know one fourth of the songs performed; even JT's.

In which because these two DJs

told everyone on their shows that cameras -- point and shoot nor DSLRs -- are not allowed inside the concert grounds, now, I don't have anything to prove that I was there aside from this,

which, because it looked like a huge cross rather than Timbaland's T, I might as well have attended an El Shaddai rally and you won't even see the difference.

In which I prayed so hard I could get as close to John Mayer as I was to the stage during the this concert. P12000, come to me!

In which the thought of seeing one fifth of N*sync made me feel like a 19-year-old again (I started late).

In which I realized that I am not 19 years old anymore.

In which I told my friend that we should start avoiding concerts like a plague and start watching gigs more often. May beer pa.

In which we I started thinking about watching Kelly Clarkson when she comes here in May.


Zhorida said...

and don't forget the group of mga mamang gay guys na nagrarap

Mara Ruiz said...

Haha, yeah! How could I forget! Memorize niya ang Aliyah song.

kaye said...

wooot woot i love taking pics too even if it's not allowed. MORE THRILL! hahaha! nice!

stroll over at my blog too!

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