Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Philippine Online Chronicles' Beauty Channel

It's here!
(I almost could not sit still after I saw that it's up and running.)

What is it?

The Philippine Online Chronicles, a project by Vibal Foundation , is a news magazine for Filipinos. It covers all the relevant issues of today with intelligence and insight - from local news, politics, finance, sports, tech, showbiz, celebrity, society, health, and now, beauty and fashion !1

I've written about a lot of things--dogs, dog hair grooming, home remodeling, tubing--things I don't know about, but the last thing I see myself writing about is fashion. My knowledge in the said field goes only as far as knowing What Not to Buy, and I guess that's good enough for our editor, Liz (my application spiel was actually "Hi, I know nothing about fashion, but I like shopping.")

To set the record straight, I am not a fashion geek; I'm not even fashionable. Ask my officemates and they'd tell you I go to work in t-shirts and slacks, occasionally in ill-fitting clothes, too-red lipstick, and sometimes questionable make-up. But those are the exact things that give me merit to write about fashion. I like finding out what works and what doesn't for me; I am willing to experiment on anything beauty and fashion related (as long as it's within budget); and I am a full-figured woman who has fashion off days, too (more often than not since not all clothes come in big-busted, wide-hip-ed sizes).

Let's admit it, nobody gets up from bed and looks like Anne Hathaway the moment they wake up. Nobody has fairy godmothers whose swish of a wand can make their unibrow shapely. So if you're up to learn a thing or two WITH US, then have a look around's beauty channel.

It's fun; we have stuff.

5 comments: said...

Yay for the article! Now I'm gonna click on it and read. :D

Zhorida said...

lemme pimp this for you

Mara Ruiz said...

Thanks guys :D

DK said...

yayyyy! a published article of youuuu! :) yayyy yayyyyy yayyyyy

i just read it today :) at may by-line!

Mara Ruiz said...

@DK, it's kind of exciting seeing your name beside something you've written (aside from blog posts, that is :] )

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