Saturday, March 20, 2010

A blog post that has no point whatsoever

If you still haven't caught up with my shameless plugging, yes, I write for the Beauty and Fashion channel of The Philippine Online Chronicles. And as much as I want to write about real life (or my lack thereof) here, a looming deadline hangs over my head like guillotine waiting to drop any minute. How's that for imagery?

Anyway, after producing close to 10,000 words in a span of 2 weeks, I found out that the trick is to continue writing. Beating your muse to a pulp, so to speak. I see why people attribute their creative juices to something feminine because it really is THAT temperamental: one moment the words are rushing out of your mind that you have to write it at 2 in the morning even if you have to go to work at 7 AM the next day, then eveything goes blank as you stare in front of your computer with a blinking cursor.

So enough about me. Let's talk about that blasted John Mayer Tour Manila Leg that costs 12-freakin-thousand-pesos for anyone to get close enough to John (FNB, yo) to establish eye contact with him. Because I haven't swam in a sea of garbage yet (but I feel that I'm getting there), this annoys me. Enough for me to consider getting GA tickets, with hopes that emos think JM is too mellow and hipsters are too cool for JM's sensitive style ass rockin' (I'mTooOldforTheseStuntsTheseKidsPullKADA)

or selling my VFF

or her PSP. Whichever works, really.

We need PHP24,000, guyz. We need it fast. And oh, 30,000 for my cabinets that my father oh so voluntarily had custom made. The carpenter's in Isabela looking for wood right now as we speak. Remember kids, moving out of your parents' house before you're married = recommended but takes a lot of guts. Take it from your Tita Mara.

This is why I don't have a niche.


Sophie said...

I'm panicking as well how to get a VIP ticket to John Mayer's concert here STAT. Bleargh. Just when I'm thinking of going back to Hong Kong this summer.

DK said...


omeged, maybe mag garage garage sale ka. or panic on pag pintdot sa iyong google adsense. and advertise to your friends, or sumfeen. a friend of mine earned some 9k a month on adsense. only by advertising to his friends! sumfeen like that.

Mara Ruiz said...

@Sophie, INR! His concert promoters are really milking the concert for what it's worth (and AFIK, it's not 12k).

@DK, I thought bawal i-advertise to click on adsense. Lolz. But maybe pag secretly ok lang, I guess. I planned to have a garage sale before I move out, pero no time talaga. Ebay na lang siguro.

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