Saturday, February 6, 2010

So This Is the New (Hair) Year

So what were you in 2009?
A friend once asked me, to which I couldn't help but answer with "A walking PMS."

Part of why I was so grumpy last year, I think, was because I never had a decent haircut. Shallow as it may sound, I do believe that you are, not only what you wear, but what your hairstyle is. Hair is the single distinctive feature that can capture anyone you meet's attention, that can boost your confidence (or wreck it) in a minute, and can form other's first opinion of you.

People have bad hair days; I had a bad hair year.

The last decent haircut I got was in December 2008 at Bench Fix in Serendra. Seeing that I don't live near there, a quarterly trip to Serendra just to get a haircut doesn't seem reasonable (I am a very busy person, contrary to popular belief) at that time. What I did was to look for alternative places to have my hair cut.

Wrong move.

Nobody seems to get it right. For a shoulder-length cut with side bangs, a style that what I thought was very basic, hairstylists always seem to never get it right. One couldn't figure out the shape of my hair and cut it in very odd proportions. The next one who's supposed to remedy the situation figured out what's wrong but had the layers too thin. I looked like I had mullet.

It's not that I go to local sidestreet parlors, which I had to admit I have a prejudice for because they don't seem to be always well kept. I've been to midrange salons that charge you more than what a usual haircut should cost. In short, for a year, I have been ripped off of my hard-earned salary because I keep having overpriced bad haircuts.

But never again.

New haircut!

Oddly enough, I had it done in one of those sidestreet parlors.
I'm not even gonna say the word that sounds like IRONY.

I got lazy so I took a webcam pic. No, I did not Gaussian blur myself.


DK said...

Mara, mara, mara. sana hindi masyado malinaw ang pic.

also, ang picture na nasa ads ay si Manny Villar.

Mara Ruiz said...

Lol. I got lazy e. And whut? Manny Manny Villar? I just want to make it clear that i do not support Manny Villar

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