Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things I Can Afford = Cute Coffee Mugs; Things I Cannot Afford: A Bed from IKEA

Can you guess what I've got in here?

Hers and Hers coffee mugs for me and my VFF Zhorai :D

Aside from a too-large bed sheet for my condo's bed, a bed that I still don't have I must add, and these just-too-cute-to-pass-on-but-really-will-I-be-using-those? ice cube trays, please welcome these cute little additions to my future digs. You just wait; my condo will be Home Sweet Sytle and Apartment Therapy material once I'm done with it.

Well, that's the plan. So after a Binondo food binge with my friends, we visited Mobler's showroom in Makati to look for IKEA beds and furniture. It pains my heart to say, as much as it gave me much grief to walk away from season 1 to 3 DVDs of The Office ON SALE FOR PHP700 this afternoon, that I cannot afford ANY of their overpriced products. A bed frame (JUST the bed frame) for PHP26,000 should guarantee me a whole year's worth of peaceful sleep, but I am quite sure that it won't. Not when I can't even afford to buy a mattress after buying that ridiculously priced bed. Oh yeah, do I need to mention that mattresses cost no less than PHP1,000 these days? This moving out my parents' house business is expensive.

Those duck mugs were the only things I could actually pay for from that store. But oh well, at least I am already on Phase 1 of decorating my place! That is, figuring out what I can and cannot afford! Oh Adult Life, such fun and scary thing you are.

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