Saturday, January 30, 2010

Of Domain Names, Chicken Feet, Maneki Neko and Jesus, and a Sort of Food Review Thrown in for Good Measure

Guh, I was just toying with the idea of buying the domain name the other day only to find out, just when I was ready to commit to getting it TODAY, that it has been purchased by some German vegetarian company. Just my luck.

In vengeful retaliation, I'm going to post pictures of myself eating chicken feet.

This is for those tree huggers that bought my domain name.

In an effort to spend more quality time together, my friends C and Z, together with C's boyfriend, went to this hole-in-the-wall dimsum joint in Chinatown called Waying. We stumbled upon Waying when C had this brilliant idea to explore Downtown Manila last year. We never really had a plan of where and what we're going to eat, so we just asked around for the best place to get dimsum (and then some) and Waying is where we serendipitously landed.

Of all of Waying's gastronomic offerings, their hakaw is something you'd end friendships over with. My patay gutom (PG) friends, in their fear of getting short changed with our Dutch-style meal, kept ordering hakaw like there's no tomorrow. We ended racking up a bill of PHP1300. Not bad seeing that when we asked our sever if it's too much for a group of four PG friends, he replied with a shy "Yes".

Waying's Peking duck is also none of those wanarexic varieties that overpriced restaurants serve you. The ducks are oozing with fat that complimented the gamey, leathery texture of the meat.

Their noodles are the ace of noodles, too. It has that distinct flavor that probably came from the kneader's own sweat and tears, literally. No other noodle in this town can compare to that.

Z and I also noted, because we are such lemon chicken connoisseurs (translation: we always order the lemon chicken in every Chinese-themed restaurant we go to), that Waying probably has the best lemon chicken in Manila, if not, the Philippines -- with the chicken still cripsy after being doused in an nonartificial, nonplastic-tasting lemon sauce.

And of course, the chicken feet. As much as it disgusted Z, and probably you, to see me devour our feathered friends' feet, I cannot resist. Waying's chicken feet has that gelatinous texture that no side street adidas can ever match. The flesh practically fell off the bone the minute you pick it up from your plate.

To quote my cousin who shares the same passion for eating phasianine phalanges with me: "God bless all the chickens who gave up their lives just so I could enjoy their feet".

Waying is as authentic as Chinese dimsum places can get. Ongpin residents and gah-I-hate-this-term foodies alike gather in this inconspicuous two-storey aparment to have a meal. We actually had to line up for a good 30 minutes before getting a table. There's really no best way to tell you how to get there but to learn how to go to Ongpin and ask around.

On a side note, my friends and I had the best time laughing at The Rooster that Survived Winter. Great decorating choice, Waying!

In a picture that has no relation at all to chicken feet, have you ever seen so many Maneki Neko all in one place?

With Jesus?

Oddly enough, this wasn't at Chinatown AT ALL. It was at the first floor of Mobler's showroom where all my IKEA decorating dreams died a swift and sudden death.


alex said...

e sasabayan kita sa pagbili ng domain eh! :(

sillygirlwaves said...

I'll still get one! Iisipin ko pa nga lang kung anong name. Isang araw lang kailangan dun. Lolz. Go ahead and get yours! said...

I had fun going through this entry. Haha! I miss Chinatown. Haven't been there in over a year! I should go back soon and binge. :P~

bodyworkerart said...


Tree-huggers and chicken (or cock's) feet!

This is so synchronistic--it's crazy...
read my blog

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