Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanks. Thanks a lot for not picking me.


Z once told me that she used to read all my blog entries. ALL. She referenced jokes I made on blog posts and even called me out whenever I say something contradictory to what I posted 5 years ago (!!!). But oh to be young and ignorant that the interwebz is not that huge enough for you to write one angry and hateful post without people close to you not know about it. After that particular LJ entry, Z never read anything I've written since 2005. She said she's been traumatized enough.

Come 2008, a called off engagement, and several heartaches later, Z and I decided to renew our friendship (nux!). I've claimed her as my best friend, and I hers.

It's a bit (okay, a whole lot. Buckets even) sad that of the three people whom I've initially made list of reasons why I loved them, only one remained friends with me. So I'm a bit wary of making one for my best friend Z because I don't want her to "FO, yeah!" me after this. I've never really told her how much (as a person #insidejoke) she means to me. I may have even slandered her to some of the people who barely know her, but are what are friends are for? My Ten Reasons Why I love Insert Name Here List is a doomed list, but I'll risk it just to get Z to read my entries again.

Top 10 Reasons Why I ♥ Z

  1. She's a dog person. I am not saying that other-animal persons do not deserve my ♥s (I mean, come on, I'm even Pro-Cat over at Tumblr's Cats vs Shark), but I firmly believe that You Are Your Pet. She doesn't like it when I wave at dogs in pet stores, especially the ones behind glass cages, because she says it's cruel. It's like I'm giving the dogs false hope, she says. Z's also nice to cats. She once got out of her car while the traffic light was on red, went down on her knees, and tried to look for an (invisible) cat that she thought she heard meowing from underneath her car. Yup, Z is an all-around animal person.

  2. She smells like chocolate and vanilla. :D For a glutton like me, that's always a plus! Not that I stealthily take a whiff of her or something :-| I returned the favor after she told me I smell like the bread served at Pasto.

  3. We made a pact to name our kids Bono and The Edge. Guess who gets which kid's name.

  4. She's a great secret keeper. If the Death Eaters come knocking on her door and AK her at that moment, I'd like to believe she'd take the hit as long as she keeps my secret safe. I can tell her everything. EVERYTHING. She even knows the password/s to all my online accounts. I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but I guess it was part of our Revalidation of Friendship in '08.

  5. Also, she's a closet Harry Potter geek. She knows more about the series than I do, finished Book 7 before I did, know all about these obscure facts about the characters, and is generally a know-it-all when it comes to Potterverse. But guess who went around Powerplant COSplayed as a Quidditch player. Right.

  6. She has great, albeit expensive, taste in clothes and shoes. Z and I are not really the type to shop together, but she is my go-to person whenever I need a stylist. She has dressed (naks, dressed!) me for two weddings, and I am happy to report that I haven't looked like tranny in either of the two.

  7. She knows all these great places to eat at and is never afraid to experiment with restaurants and food. Z is very picky when it comes to food (doesn't eat vegetables, innards unless it's isaw, and fish) but she's always very willing to say yes when I start my sentence with "I read about this great place that serves...". She also introduced my probinsyana self to Som's, Aysee, Cibo, Pasto, Cafe Bola, Dulcinea (for the Gypsy Steak!), and some of those hole-in-the-wall places that I would've read from the internet but have never gone to. I also once remember how she and I trekked Urban Manila to look for 30-inch pizzas.

  8. You know it!

  9. She's an ACE driver. Half of my driving know-how, I got it from her. When I first started driving and my parents were still jittery about my driving skills, it was never a surprise that they'd say "Yes!" in an instant whenever I say "Z's my designated driver." My parents can readily give me up and my sub-par driving knowledge because they have complete faith that I won't ram my car to a wall as long as Z's with me.

    Also, her car didn't use to have side mirrors. She used to drive around the metro at full speed with that one. My Lola self gets nervous if I drive past 60 KPH, but for Z, 90 KPH is just the minimum.

  10. Oh wow, let me tell about Z's legendary drinking skills. She used to go to class and take Statistics exams hung over AND still be able to pass the exam, bitches. She's one of those annoying people who never took school seriously and never really had to study because they're naturally born smart asses (her father had genius level IQ and was a well-renowned Civil Engineer!), but I managed. I learned to embrace that Z will never figure out Yahoo Pipes as I did, so we're cool. We both know who's got the looks in this friendship anyway 8D

    Anyway, her drinking skills: even her male cousins, who had been treated for kidney failure at one point of their lives, give her mad props for drinking like a, er, guy.

  11. My best friend is an overall nice person. I would like to believe that I am not alone when I say that she is a voice of reason. She keeps me in check, even if I like so bad to bitchslap the person who cut me in line. She's always telling me to do the right thing, to be the better person, and all that cliche. People might say she's a pushover for doing so, but there are not a lot of nice people out there anymore. I'm just glad I'm best friends with one :)


I hope you get to read this and forgive me about the awful things I did and said to you. You're a good woman, Zhorida Lipayon. And now, you're also Google-able ;)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

-Isms used to be Awesome

I guess it's high time that I pour my guts out to you, 5 dear readers, seeing that we finally hit the 1,000 mark!

I may not have cellphones, and Dove soaps, and overpriced steaks to give out, but I would just like to say thank you. From the pit of my autoclave heart, I thank you. I haven't really done anything worthwhile with this blog aside from sell you laptops (which I don't think none of you have ever bought) and jumped the bandwagon without really following through, but what the hey.

** ** **

I used to think I'd never stop blogging writing blogging and that it's something I'd like to do for the rest of my life. Good thing I thought twice before buying that $150 LJ permanent account because come 2007, I finally found myself at a loss of words. All of a sudden, a verbal soliloquy of my day's events didn't seem as appealing to write about anymore. Used-to friends' entries bored me and I started wondering how they could churn paragraphs and paragraphs about their lives, because based from what I've read from them, all they ever do is get up, go to work, and go back to sleep. Do I sound as self-centered as they are, and do my self-centered entries bore other people as well? "Who gives a **** about what I write?" became the ever-present question of my on going writer's block.

I started trying to avoid starting sentence with the letter "I", but failed. A LOT. Inspiration became something I would bleed for to achieve.
But then there came people like Riz who makes it a joy to share about their day. She makes seemingly mundane things like Twitter, notebooks, typewriters, cupcakes, and things found on top of your desks the best things in the world. Her 30 Awesome Things in 30 Days became something I look forward to reading everyday. Honest to blog. Her entries, even if it's all about her, does not always scream "Hey, look at me! Look at me!" She always try to give back something for her readers. In this age of niche blogs, it's refreshing to see someone blog without selling you something and without being too self-centered.

And in celebration of Riz about to finish her 30 Awesome Things Blog series, I give you my own version of table top photography. It may not be as fancy as Riz's, but at least I tried.

I don't know how Riz of does it, but tabletop photography entails serious talent.
My Dwight Scrute ball point pen, my purple lady bug stapler, and my pink piggy clip would like to say hi.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

130 Songs: Because 100 Is Too Limiting (22-28/130)*

Doing covers is a two-edged sword. For one, there are songs that are so perfect, no artist in their right mind should touch it. Most Filipino bands and singers are guilty of doing this. On the other hand, doing covers is a good way to reconnect both old and new fans. 

I was not born yet when the Bee Gees and the Beach Boys were around, and men singing in falsettos may not always appeal to me. But with artists doing great covers of their songs, it made me appreciate the originals more. This is not about a debate about Originals vs. Covers though. For me, a great song is a great song, and a great artist is a good artist when he/she interprets a song well. For my next batch of 130 Songs: Because 100 is too Limiting, I give you my favorite covers.

Monday, August 3, 2009

When L didn't stand for Loser

When I was in grade 6 and The Edsa Revolution (the first one, and not the other phony succeeding ones that did nothing to our country) was our topic for Sibika at Kultura, I went from school one day teeming with a sense of pride in being a Filipino, only to be shocked that my parents voted for Marcos during the snap elections. "Cory's just a housewife" they say. "What does she know about running the country?" I don't know if it was my parents' innate Ilocano-ness or they really believe that Marcos can do better than a plain housewife that made them vote for him.

I was 2 years old when the first Edsa Revolution happened. My parents told me how cute I was (their words; not mine) when I chanted "Cory! Cory!" with the ever iconic "L" sign (which stood for more patriotic things back then) in front of our house in Ilocos.

I can't say I knew better, being a 2-year-old when all this happened, but I'd like to believe I rooted for the right team, the good one.

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