Friday, December 4, 2009

300 Pesos or Less: Mara's ~*Official~* Kris Kringle Wish List

To be quite honest, I'd rather have 300 pesos of cold, hard cash handed to me. But since it's uncouth and socially frowned upon to ask for money for Kris Kringles, then I am much obliged to provide you with an official list of things that cost less than 300 pesos to get me for Christmas. If you hear from anyone that I want something else that is not on this list, please ignore them. These are the only things I want. Also, anything from this list. That is, if you can get it for 300 pesos or less.

Here we go.

1. Clear plastic shoe boxes. It doesn't have to look exactly like the ones I posted here. If I remember it correctly, SM, who has it all, has these for 50 pesos a pop. If you are lucky (or resourceful) enough to find those, please spend all my 300 pesos on these things. Emphasis on clear, please.

2. Expandable pocket file holders for my bills, bills, bills, can't pay my automobiles. Please get the enveloped-sized ones and not the huge-ass A4 or letter-sized variety. Those will be useless to me. I need said very specific file holder because I need a pretense of order in my life. Where's a personal assistant/accountant when you need one?

3. On a whim (because really, what can you buy with 300 pesos?), I think I want this ESotSM mug. Save this screencap, take it to one of those dime-a-dozen shops that print on mugs, and have this made. Any schmuck with decent Photoshop skills can make this happen.

4. Can you please just give me the money so I can spend it on Ukay clothes? LOLjk.

5. This Stabilo liner set. Last time I checked, it's 285 pesos for the 15-piece set.

6. Haruki Murakami's After the Quake. But only ONLY if you get it for 300 pesos or less. I think this sells for 500 pesos or more. If you do find this book at a book sale, please get me this specific cover and not the ones with the frogs in them (there are several frog editions).

You see, it's really better to just hand me the money to let me enjoy my rightful gift in any manner that I want to instead of letting your go through all the hassle of scouring for all these useless crap.

So if you're really lazy, here is what I really want for Chrismukkah:

7. Starbucks GCs because times have become so hard, I now can't buy my own coffee. Also, I really, really want this Starbucks cold drink tumbler even if it's a possible safety hazard (because it doesn't have a cover, exposed straw = magnet for germs).

8. Sodexo GCs so I can spend it on anything I want.

9. Any record store that sells the new OK Go album (that has Damian Kulash sorta stripping, ZOMG. I got to have this IN MY LIFE!) GC.

Please and thank you.


Anonymous said...

i do not have kris kringles anymore :(

sillygirlwaves said...

So I've heard :( Let's set something up! Like virtual Kris Kringle or sumften

Anonymous said...

#4. hrhrhr kung kami may kris kringle iyan din ang gusto ko. hehrhrhehr

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