Sunday, November 15, 2009

So what you gonna do when you got stars in your ice?

­­Since I started paying for a place of my own, my usual window shopping routine does not only include shoes and clothes but house furnishings, appliances, and furniture as well. I really don’t like it when people say “It’s one of my quirks”, but it’s one of my quirks. Home furnishing shopping that is. I couldn’t help it; every time I browse Apartment Therapy or Sweet Home Style, I get more and more obsessed about looking for objects to prettify my future digs with.

On my recent trip to Dimensione to compare furniture prices and such (things that I cannot afford if I shop at said store because all they ever sell are designer furniture, thank you very much), I gravitated towards the Trinkets and Useless Stuff to Spend Your Money On section. In true (please forgive me for referring to myself in the third person) Mara Fashion, I did not emerge from said section without not one one but two Useless Stuff at hand. I am proud to say that I just bought the first and ever article for my condo – ice cube trays.

These are not your ordinary ice cube trays, mind you. These are star- and penguin-shaped ice cube trays! Huzzah! And for P129 and P99,respectively, they are quite a steal. The star-shaped tray even came with a stirrer that you can set to the mold while the water freezes. Just like that, your drink becomes automatically snazzy with an ice star-tipped stirrer. In the misused and abused words of a certain DJ, “Crazy”.

I am now planning mojito parties, pina colada shindigs, and plain water made awesome with my penguin-shaped ice cubes. I have never been happier to part with my money. So as soon as I set up shop somewhere in Taguig, the ice will be on me.


Lyra Stella said...

Did you buy your own place or are you renting? :) Sorry for all the questions. Mark and I are window shopping, so to speak, for our own place. :)

sillygirlwaves said...

I bought my own place :) Where do you plan to live? My condo is near Cam's parents' condo, so parang untechnically neighbors kami in the future. We're convincing Zhorai to follow suit. Haha.

Anonymous said...

i screamed, i screamed!:) wow!

Anonymous said...

i am waiting for your housewarming gift registry. :)

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