Saturday, August 15, 2009

-Isms used to be Awesome

I guess it's high time that I pour my guts out to you, 5 dear readers, seeing that we finally hit the 1,000 mark!

I may not have cellphones, and Dove soaps, and overpriced steaks to give out, but I would just like to say thank you. From the pit of my autoclave heart, I thank you. I haven't really done anything worthwhile with this blog aside from sell you laptops (which I don't think none of you have ever bought) and jumped the bandwagon without really following through, but what the hey.

** ** **

I used to think I'd never stop blogging writing blogging and that it's something I'd like to do for the rest of my life. Good thing I thought twice before buying that $150 LJ permanent account because come 2007, I finally found myself at a loss of words. All of a sudden, a verbal soliloquy of my day's events didn't seem as appealing to write about anymore. Used-to friends' entries bored me and I started wondering how they could churn paragraphs and paragraphs about their lives, because based from what I've read from them, all they ever do is get up, go to work, and go back to sleep. Do I sound as self-centered as they are, and do my self-centered entries bore other people as well? "Who gives a **** about what I write?" became the ever-present question of my on going writer's block.

I started trying to avoid starting sentence with the letter "I", but failed. A LOT. Inspiration became something I would bleed for to achieve.
But then there came people like Riz who makes it a joy to share about their day. She makes seemingly mundane things like Twitter, notebooks, typewriters, cupcakes, and things found on top of your desks the best things in the world. Her 30 Awesome Things in 30 Days became something I look forward to reading everyday. Honest to blog. Her entries, even if it's all about her, does not always scream "Hey, look at me! Look at me!" She always try to give back something for her readers. In this age of niche blogs, it's refreshing to see someone blog without selling you something and without being too self-centered.

And in celebration of Riz about to finish her 30 Awesome Things Blog series, I give you my own version of table top photography. It may not be as fancy as Riz's, but at least I tried.

I don't know how Riz of does it, but tabletop photography entails serious talent.
My Dwight Scrute ball point pen, my purple lady bug stapler, and my pink piggy clip would like to say hi.


Riz said...

OMG Mara, that's a lot of backlinks!! I LOVE YOU! :)

I'm guilty of sentences with lots of "I"s myself, but I can't think of any other way to do it haha. I really would want to blog about grand-er things if I could, but I don't have a lot of those so I can only settle with the simple joys, heh. Thanks for joining, dear. Which color of earrings do you like? :)

And heyy, you write good, you should keep on doing it! (And try to earn from it as well!)

sillygirlwaves said...

That's one of the things I really like about your blog = that you find joy in simple things. It's really charming and inspiring :)

Thank you :D

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