Thursday, August 13, 2009

130 Songs: Because 100 Is Too Limiting (22-28/130)*

Doing covers is a two-edged sword. For one, there are songs that are so perfect, no artist in their right mind should touch it. Most Filipino bands and singers are guilty of doing this. On the other hand, doing covers is a good way to reconnect both old and new fans. 

I was not born yet when the Bee Gees and the Beach Boys were around, and men singing in falsettos may not always appeal to me. But with artists doing great covers of their songs, it made me appreciate the originals more. This is not about a debate about Originals vs. Covers though. For me, a great song is a great song, and a great artist is a good artist when he/she interprets a song well. For my next batch of 130 Songs: Because 100 is too Limiting, I give you my favorite covers.

It was January 2008. My family and I were on our way home to Cavite. We just came from Ilocos to attend my grandfather's funeral. My father wanted some tunes while he was driving and he was getting sick of my brother's playlist full of tweener pop and R&B. I never offered to give my iPod because I was having a listening party of my own, but my father insisted. I put on my Favorites playlist, and this is the third song that played. My father started singing.

And oh, Irina Inara George, how much do I love thee? (Whut? Who the hell is Irina?)

Take That also did a good cover of this one in the late 90s. Do you remember Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, and Robbie Williams? Love, love, love the video and the girl abducting the boy band :D

I remember texting Z before about how I listened to this song the entire day. She said there's a certain weakness and longing when a woman sings this song. "And the moment that you wonder far from me I want to feel you in my arms again". Trufax.

23. In Between Days by Ben Folds (The Cure cover) / Original

Truth be told, I was really not a The Cure fan when I first heard them. I thought Robert Smith's voice sounds like he was always throwing up, or about to. It was when I downloaded their Acoustic Greatest Hits Album that I started listening to them. It was when Ben Folds covered In Between Days that I started loving them. Ben Folds is a fantabulous artist by himself, making my point on how a great artist is great when he/she can reinterpret songs while making it his/hers and the original artist's at the same time.

Pardom me for saying this, but I love this version first, The Cure's acoustic version second. There really is something about Ben Folds voice that gives justice to this song.
Yesterday I got so old
I felt like I could die.
Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry.
Now I know I was wrong when I said it was true that it couldn’t be me and be her in-between with out you with out you.

24. All That She Wants by The Kooks (Ace of Base cover) / Original

Ace of Base is originally a disco band. Well at least with hits like The Sign and It's a Beautiful Life, in the Philippines, they are. Who would've thought that The Kooks would do a great version of their own? I love the part where Luke Pritchard sings "All that she wants is another baby," like he was manhandling his guitar (bad visuals, sorry), and the intro. You could've never guessed they're going to sing this song when you hear the subtle drum beats and the guitar strums when the song starts.

25. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service (Iron and Wine cover) / Original

Let's 'fess up. If all of us poseur kids never heard this from Veronica Mars, we'd never give this a second chance when we first heard it from the Garden State soundtrack. Admit it!

I could quote some lyrics, but I don't want my entry to look like a myspace post. I love every word in this song. Every word.

Also, my best friend, Z, has a conglomerate of a family that develops mini subdivisions. I keep telling her how cool it must be to live in #2 Apple St., Such Great Heights, Bulacan, Bulacan.

As a bonus, here's Ben Folds' version!

26. Jessie's Girl by OK Go (Rick Springfield cover) / Original

Of course there has to be another OK Go song in this list! If I haven't already shown how much I hearts OK Go, then let this testimonial convince you. OK Go does not only make good songs, they make great covers! They've done Crimson and Clover, Hold the Line (Toto cover), The Lovecats (The Cure cover), Gigantic (The Pixies cover), and Don't Bring Me Down (E.L.O cover).

Jessie's Girl is my favorite because of the characteristically cracking (more of piyok really) of Damian's voice on "I wish that I had Jessie's girl!", and because they sped it up a bit. Yes, Molly and the Ringwalds, I am evil-eyeing you!

27. The Boys Are Back in Town by OK Go (Thin Lizzy cover) / Original

Reasons to like this song: 1. Because we all imagine the subject of our fangirl dreams walk in slow motion, in a line ala Pearl Harbor, to this song. But alas, I know OK Go is such a geeky band, making this song more lulzy for me; 2. Damian when he sang "I mean she was steaming" ; 3. And the synthesizers!!!!

Also, The Cardigans made a cool version, too.

28. Nothing Compares 2 U by The Stereophonics (Sinead O'Connor cover) / Original

It's almost criminal to choose this version over the original, but here me out first. I always consider Stereophonic's to be the boy version, and Sinead's as the, well, girl's version. Makes sense.


Again, one of those songs that's no use quoting bits and parts of because, hell, listen to it and say which part you like most. Really. Do it.

And since it took me 3 hours to post 7 songs, I'll leave the other 7 (yes, there's more!) for next time. Marinate on this one first.

P.S. The comments section is a mess because I am trying to figure out how to do nested comments aaaaaand being the XML noob that I am, I couldn't figure out how to delete comments.

*Due to copyright issues, most songs are not available on the internet. Hey Stereophonics, if  Sinead O'Connor has no problem with her song being in YouTube, why should you? Just sayin'.


<3 Helga is pink lemonade love said...

I would love to live in Such Great Heights!

Anonymous said...

It's Inara George ;) Oyeah Take That!! memorable video indeed..

Such Great Heights, Bulacan, Bulacan -- HAHAHAH! Cool!

Anonymous said...

wow! such great heights! omg omg omg! i think I will have two postal service songs in my wedding! the other one being "Brand New Colony"

there is a line in such great heights: "they will see us waving from such great heights" hehe sillygirlwaves! :)

sillygirlwaves said...

@Helga, I really think someone should build that subdivision so we can all live in it!

@Nikki, yah. Edited. This entry is made of fail. Haha. Who the hell is Irina? Lolz.

@Kath Brand New Colony! And Clark Gable! Haha.
My fave Such Great Heights line is "I'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned" :) MFEO!

Andalusia said...

I love In Between Days, & I love The Cure, surprisingly! :))

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