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130 Songs: Because 100 Is Too Limiting (1-13/130)

A few weeks ago, Baddie started a meme of The 100 Songs To Save Your Life. Being the bandwagoner that I am, of course, I wanted to jump in. But the sight of my itune's Favorites playlist stopped me dead on my tracks.

The original concept of the meme, I think, is to pick 100 songs that you will leave your child with in case you suddenly got ran over by a speeding truck. I'll try to deviate, seeing that my supposed eclectic-product-of-my-parents'-upbringing-in-the-70s taste in music is something my future child will scoff at.

I must come clean: my taste in music is very sketchy. I have always pride myself of being open to any type of music; I don't discriminate, I listen to everything. And when I say everything, I mean it. As of the moment, I am addicted to Jesse MacCartney, who wants to be called Jmac now and I think should be a good fit for the Footloose revival. This can't be good with the indie crowd. I got so much crap for listening to Ne-Yo and once to *gasps* F4, so yeah, for all the people who are making lists of their 100 songs, my list is not one to watch out for.

But really, who cares, right? If I am to be judged by my musical taste, I am what I listen to, then who cares? N'sync be damned, here are my favorite songs.

To my future kid/s, this is what I am listening to at 24. This list has been cut down, revised, and reviewed to show you what your mother's preference has come about. I present you this list with no pretentiousness. I listen to pop. I listen to N'sync. There probably are a few BSB songs thrown into the mix, too. It's a list of favorites, a list of accumulated songs that lasted my whole 24 years of existence. Some of the songs in this list have been with me since your grandparents introduced them to me, some I just probably heard on the other day and couldn't stop listening to ever since.

Laugh at it, judge it, throw stones at in if you may. Let's see how well you fare in the future. I hope, better.

P.S. I'm doing 130. 100 is too limiting.

** ** **

130 Songs: OK Go

You might vaguely remember them as the threadmill band, but for quite some time (and in my tiny heart), OK Go has been my favorite band. I know almost all their songs, I bought their merch, and I have this on-going crush on Damian Kulash. When I was starting in my mind-numbing job of reading about gene codes, proteins, and chemical equations, I used to put Oh No and OK Go's self-titled album on a loop. Their hard-hitting beats and mean pop rock guitar rifts saved me from monotony. So to say that OK Go is my favorite band is an understatement. OK Go >> You and Your Mother, combined.

1. Invincible by OK Go.

A powerful opening to their second album, Invincible is probably their most kick-ass song. Damian belting out "Invincible" at the top of his lungs, Tim and Andy backing him up with their high-pitched "Oh oh oh!", and Dan pounding his drums hard in the background. You know you'll be in for a treat the moment you hear Damian ask "You gentlemen ready?" and then he starts out with attacking his guitar like there's no tomorrow.

Whenever I listen to this song, I pretend that I'm a superhero.

2. Do What You Want by OK Go.

Me, I was raised amidst the trickle down days
I woke up numb in the haze and saw my future in a machine built for two
but the light gave me some kind of fright,
how did wrong get so right,
and lead me stumbling through the dark of night,

Oh, something was wrong, but you tap danced on the air in the night
screaming at the top of your lungs,
you said
Come on, come on
Do what you want

What could go wrong?

One thing that makes Oh No a great album for me is the way the tracks are arranged. OK Go opened strong with Invincible and then they go even stronger with this one. It's one of those pop rock songs that makes you want to drive faster and air guitar a bit harder.

This song reminds me of a Haruki Murakami short story about a dwarf that couldn't stop dancing. Try picking up a copy of The Elephant Vanishes, it's there, and see what I mean.

3. Here It Goes Again by OK Go.

And then the song that made them famous, or shall I say the video that made them famous. Here It Goes Again is a fun song about Morning Afters. Also, The Pixies reference = win! Holla, littlebandwitch!

4. Oh Lately It's So Quiet by OK.

Reason # 51 why I love OK Go: even if they are a straight pop rock band, they can write love songs like this. This song bleeds longing! I'll make sure the next guy who breaks up with me will have this in his mix tape.

5. What to Do by OK Go.

For all the underachievers of the world, this is for us! Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time!

6. It's a Disaster by OK Go.

But it's a disaster.
It's an incredible mess,
But it's all we got now.
Howling with laughter,
Panic, alarm, and distress,
But it's all we got now.
Yeah it's all we got.

When life throws you lemons, you don't listen to South Border and wait for rainbows after the rain. You listen to this song and hope for the best.

7. Let It Rain by OK Go.

Just in it to hear Damian sing "Hallelujah". But I think it's when I heard him sing this live on the DVD (told you I bought the merch) that did it for me.

8. Television Television by OK Go.

Of course a television addict like me must have an anthem. But more than the addiction, Television Television is a witty remark on bah, what else, but the idiot box (well, that's just what I think. Lyrics analysis is beyond me).

9. Get Over It by OK Go.

Addendum to What to Do and It's a Disaster, we should all just Get Over It. The handclaps+drums, that awesome pause between 1:54 and 1:55, the ping pong video, the fun of singing this to all your whinny friends = awesomesauce!

10. Don't Ask Me by OK Go.

This song is so Bitter Ocampo! Recommended to all exes who want to be friends again.

11. You're So Damn Hot by OK Go.

You don't love me at all
But don't think that it bothers me at all
You're a bad-hearted boy trap baby doll, but you're
You're so damn hot

This is for all my hot friends. Thanks for taking care of yourselves so we can all look good in the pictures we take. Also, for all our high school crushes.

12. 1000 Miles Per Hour by OK Go.

Perfect for all those lull moments during road trips with friends, and you start talking about the future, the past, the present -- in that order --, then you realize that you are too old for 24, and college was 5 years ago, and all you want to do is keep driving and never go back to your boring day job.

13. Hello, My Treacherous Friends by OK Go.

To the people I "FO, yeah"-ed, I'd rather sing this song than raise my middle finger. If my facts are accurate, this was originally titled A Christian, Two Friends, and Some Spiders and is believed to be the band's middle finger to the music industry who didn't want C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips.

But other sources say it's just about a trip when Damian and his wife got into a cabin infested with spiders, which his wife didn't want to kill because she treated them as her children (newborn arachnid kids).

And that ladies and gentlemen, and my 2 RSS subscribers, is how I open this series of posts: with my favorite band and 13 of their songs.


Anonymous said...

yey! you are doing it!

had to google for the lyrics of here it goes again! oo nga no! surfer rosa daw! hihi!

i'm downloading your songs, got not one ok go here. shame!

Anonymous said...

C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips. --> why,what is that? :)

sillygirlwaves said...

@littlebandwitch, one of their songs! :D
yay, spread the OK Go love! They do great covers, too. Will post them soon :D

Anonymous said...

WOW Mara! 13 songs for OK Go! :D And Yay! I wanna do it soon too! :) weee

Anonymous said...

alex hehe you better! ako malapit na matapos i deserve a medal for tiyaga

Anonymous said...

i feel ashamed, i only know "oh lately it's so quiet" by heart. mehehehe, I subscribed to you via rss :) i changed my link in my lj too. meeheeheehee :3

sillygirlwaves said...

@thisistheplan, that's how much I &heart; them! :) You better do this one, too!!!

@sinabsolution, don't be! Your taste in music is waaay more varied than mine. I have 6 songs on John Mayer alone. Haha. Thanks for the link back!

Anonymous said...

reading this again. :) hehehe i like your descriptions for 4, 5, 6. at wow kasi may music player. walang kwenta LJ, lol

Kristine Pinky said...

Am now an OK Go fan because of you. *giggle*

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