Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello World!

Bloggers these days have it easy. When I started blogging in 2001 (yes, family members who happen to get here -- since we're all Facebook contacts anyway -- and discover that *gasps!* Mara blogs! It's been that long), not a lot of people would give a crap about what you write -- well, except for your friends. I used to write about how my day went (boring), have fights and talks with these voices in my head I call "personalities"(pathetic), F4 (really), and being the number 1 blogger in the world (never happened) and all I would get were "lolz" from my friends. Now, everyone has a blog! Ever since internet shops opened up like mushrooms and charged a measly 15 pesos per hour for a rental of a PC unit, everybody is suddenly into coding, writing, graphic design, and (my biggest pet peeve) photography.

And what is this I hear? You can earn money for blogging? THEN SIGN ME UP!

Bloggers these days have it easy. When I was blogging, we didn't have blogger events. We had EBs, and it was scary as hell! I never joined EBs. Well, aside from this one time where a certain group said that I could dress up as Harry Potter (yay!). Now, you can have barkada blogs? Wow. This technology is awesome!

So what is my point aside from reiterating that bloggers these days have it easy? Nothing really. I haven't blogged publicly for years and the idea that I have to perform a soliloquy of word vomit in front of millions of people kind of scares me. What am I supposed to say? Will people judge me because of a misplaced comma or because I don't know the difference between "breathe" and "breath"? Do I show them the *gags* real me, my personality? Will anybody ever care to read what I write? Will I abandon this blog after three weeks like the several other blogs that I littered the internet with?

Let's see, shall we?

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