Friday, May 15, 2009

No one has the guts to shut us out

At this age of blogging celebrities, a friend told me that with the length of time that I have been blogging, she thought (and expected) that I'd be one already. But what can I do? Grammar and spelling errors included, I have been comfortable writing in my little hole that everything around me literally changed in minutes. See, that didn't even make sense.

You see, writing has been my thing; BLOGGING has been my thing. I have been blogging since you and yo' mama had been. Well, technically 2001. How many bloggers do you know at that time, huh? OK, maybe a lot, but in my wee little circle, I have been the only blogger, and I wore it as a badge.

Now, everyone seems to be into monetized blogging, niche blogs, and internet celebritystardomhood -- things that I seriously couldn't get. Isn't writing, okay fine, blogging, supposed to be a hobby, and anything outside blogging your experiences (and if you're a hobbyist, hobbies, then) should be considered journalism or, the very least, content writing? Sure, be the one to pull the stick up my butt and tell me about labels, but I get seriously annoyed when *some* pro bloggers lure me into reading an entry, only to find out that all the while they've been talking about online casinos and not the evils of gambling. It's deceitful.

As for internet celebs, the only thing I find more annoying than them are internet celebrity fans. When one commoner makes it big, EVERYONE wants in on the prize, even if it means posting pictures of their backyards, their lunch, their dinner, their digested lunch, their kid's lunch, and I mean EVERYTHING. It's one thing to be famous, but to be famous on the internet? Isn't that like being a millionaire in Monopoly, or something?

There's no denying that blogging *is the wave of the future*. I dunno, maybe I spent too much time on Eljay aka Emo-land to notice how the trend changed over time. But let's try this, blogging publicly, again. It's one thing to underachieve in life, but to underachieve even in my hobby? What a FAIL, this silly girl is.

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Also, I'm not always this angry. Check out my *guest* entry at Whoa! Shiny!

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Anonymous said...

now, now, in my head i always say "there's nothing like lj in 2003/2004".

sillygirlwaves said...

@littlebandwitch, I must agree. LJ 2003-2006 = ♥ Wait! I'm going to link back to you.

Anonymous said...

what i hate abt celebrity fans, btw, are the stupid ones. mga nauuto ng mga internet celebrities na yun. you want me to name drop? r a r i v e r a

sillygirlwaves said...

Whaaat? May ganun? Haha. Ang sama naman. OMG, internet celeb fans that fawn over their internet celebrity idols. Ick.

Anonymous said...

thanks for including me in your sidebar! :">

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